Volcanic photos

Welcome to my web page! I hope you’ll enjoy my photos from the 2021 volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall, which you will see if you scroll down this page. I will post more photos from previous eruptions later and of course I will also post photos from future eruptions, whenever they will happen.

This web page was created to promote my photo book and photos from the eruption. If you want to purchase a photo printout, please contact me on danielpall@gmail.com for information about prices, delivery time, international shipping etc. You can see information about my photo book by clicking on “Photo book” in the menu above.

Prices for photo printouts depend on size and material. Here are some examples:
– 40×40 / 45×30 cm canvas print = 12.900 ISK (86 EUR or 97 USD)
– 40×40 / 45×30 cm metal print = 14.900 ISK (99 EUR or 112 USD)
– 60×60 / 70×50 cm canvas print = 17.900 ISK (119 EUR or 135 USD)
– 60×60 / 70×50 cm metal print = 21.900 ISK (145 EUR or 165 USD)
Free delivery to Reykjavík and surrounding towns in the southwest of Iceland.
International shipping fees may vary.

The price for a digital copy of one photo in full resolution is 2.990 ISK (19.9 EUR or 22.5 USD). You can then print out the photo in whatever size and on whatever material you like.

NOTE! The photos below are not in full resolution!